Thursday, March 08, 2012

Have I found my gardening mojo yet?

Well, I've made a start....again and I'm really out of condition.   I have a small (I hope) health problem which needs investigating and it helps to be out in the fresh air.  

When we tackled this wasteland 9 years ago I was in my early 60s and D in his mid 60s.   We could work out there all day - and, boy, did we need to.   Now we get completely knackered after 2 hours, 3 max, and need a lie down.  

I'm not putting any pictures up today as the garden is a mess.....weeds, blackened new shoots and layers of leaves from the ngao trees.   These are wonderful with dark green glossy leaves, tiny white flowers in Spring and messy black seeds in Autumn and it's evergreen.    But the shedded leaves are prolific.   On the positive side, they make lovely compost and I've collected bins of them.    Jeez., my back is killing me.  

I need a lie-down again!


Jan said...

Hope your medical problem gets sorted ok, and post some photos when you feel you are able!

thecatalanway said...

Hi I hope you feel better soon and can get stuck into the garden. Perhaps you just need longer warm ups nowadays.
Photos always nice - I like seeing real gardens with their 'imperfections' rather than glorious enviable ones!

Isn't it lovely that spring is coming!!
love Kate x