Thursday, March 29, 2012


We had a grand spend-up last week, replacing unusual geraniums, beautiful iceplants,  different coloured osteospurNums and the most wonderful gentian blue daisy.   We couldn't resist a yellow broom shrub, which wasn't on the list. 

Two days after we bought them, the Levante (warm east wind) screamed into the garden.   Luckily, we were forewarned so didn't plant or pot anything up but placed them in a protected place.   It's been 8 days now and the wind is still around, driving everyone crazy, and will continue for another few days bringing much-needed rain.   

If it doesn't subside soon I'll have to kick-start myself to get going in the garden.   Hope you readers are having better luck.

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Jan said...

I suppose you can't complain too much if the wind's bringing rain! Hopefully it will vanish soon and you can get your plants in.