Saturday, April 18, 2015

More garden art

These are traditional Mediterranean roof tiles and Jackie, a local artist, has a large portfolio of her work, or will paint one to order.    We saw the passion flower one and had to have it:  the blue iris is stunning so we ordered one of those.    Both are now hanging in the patio and are very at home with the rest of the this clematis which is still waiting to be planted in a bit pot, but decided to flower anyway:

As every gardener knows, this is a busy time of year, weeding, mowing, propagating and planting -  it is endless.....and endlessly satisfying.

Friday, January 16, 2015


I meant to show you these at the time, but I forgot..  I'm forgetting a lot of things lately.

It was a scruffy,  tired looking cactus that a friend gave us.   One of the leaves grew and grew, produced a green egg-shaped end, which suddenly blossomed into this beautiful flower.     I had no idea such a plain looking plant could produce something so wonderful.   I'm told that if we let the plant rest up against a tree, the leaves will attach themselves and eventually we'll have a flowering cactus growing up the tree.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Days are shortening.

Before today, I could have sworn Autumn was setting in early.   We've had very weird weather for July and early August - cool westerly breezes,  temperatures under 30C and sometimes quite nippy evenings with condensation on the car in the morning.  Now, hey presto, the Levante is back and with it more typical August weather.....beached whale,  reading on the bed - get the picture.

Nearly 3 months down the line and el jefe's back is much improved yet not back to normal.   Weekly physio, massage, TENs and daily exercises have ensured a steady gain in independence to the point where I gently (as if) remind him not to lift anything nor do too much.

Paco and Manolo came and spent 5 hours cleaning up and restoring order in the garden - what treasures those two are.   My Spanish has improved no end with the need to communicate with Paco and the masoterapia clinic where el jefe goes every week.  

Ill health earlier in the year and el jefe's injury have been a wake-up call about waning strength and aging and we definitely need to take more regular, structured exercise to keep us supple. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Glorious June, hotter than usual

Everything's gone to pot!   A month ago, all looked wonderful as we set off for Madrid to visit the art galleries.   We were back within 2 days as el jefe couldn't walk without pain.   He'd injured his back a week before we left by wrenching the rotivator around when the tines got stuck.   We later found he had a sacroiliac strain and here we are, a month down the road and only now is he turning the corner.    He hasn't, and still can't, stand independently although he's out of pain so all the little jobs I didn't notice he did (! LOL) I've had to take on. 

To compound this, we had the painters in this week - the first year we haven't done it ourselves.   There was chaos because all our clutter had to revolve from room to room as each one got painted.    We daren't let them in the study, fondly imagining we'll do this ourselves.   We will, we will, when we've got the strength to move 2 chests, 2 x 6 tier book cases, 3 long shelves, a filing cabinet and two desks stuffed with rubbish, not to mention 3 desk top computers and peripherals.  

I've had a mini declutter of books, DVDs, ornaments and pictures so the charity boot sales will do well.   And it's a lovely feeling to know that each room, bar the study, is pristine - everything swept, washed and polished as it was moved back in after painting.  

As for Yin and Yang, the disruption to their routine is more than they can bear and they glare at us accusingly and disappear into cupboards and under beds.  

Now to catch up with my blog reading, though the time for relevant  comments is well out of date. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Unusual blooms

Gonzalo leapt over the fence just a few weeks ago clutching a bundle of greenery.   With his mattock, he'd whacked at the soil, stuck in the plants and then demanded agua.    Whenever I've remembered, I've given them more.   So here is the surprise.....they are fleur de Lys - and so beautiful, so scarlet.   Lucky they didn't need more cherishing otherwise I'd have missed this sight.

On the pergola shelf, once again, are the giant Christmas cactus-y flowers, but more of them.   Very dramatic.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

This 'n that

It's so long since I fiddled with my blog that I've forgotten how to edit the side bars and add/remove bloggers and  books.  I can just about get my head round a new post.

Time whooshes by, the temperatures are in the mid to late 20Cs and I'm out most of the day labouring in the garden.   The vibrant ice plants are out.....

The NZ bottle brush is back again and other stuff that looked as if it had died has miraculously reappeared.

What a pleasure  it is to be out there, even though my old bones ache at the end of the day.