Monday, March 05, 2012

Spring has sprung

 I rather fear he is fattening it up for Easter.
I've tried many times to grow English Spring flowers but they always look droopy and ready to die the minute they bloom.    I guess because of the cold snap in February, they got off to a better start for they look wonderful at the moment, as do a load of different varieties I planted in a huge  pot on the front patio.  


thecatalanway said...


What beautiful flowers - that is a lovely picture.
I can't believe you about your spanish - I think you must have been being humble.

I am going to try harder this year with flowers on the terrace - I am accepting that container gardening in Catalan sunshine is a mite different from growing things in a large wet and windy garden in Cornwall. am going to concetrate on herbs and today went and bought a bag of compost - rather against the wishes of Mister M who thinks it is ok to use last years soil and hates buying anything especially if it is wrapped in plastic. K x

Ps Oh no you too have these word ids - since blogger changed them they have become very hard to read. Will have a go!

Jan said...

Your garden's looking beautiful, but I suppose the thing is that spring is so short in a hot climate. And you'll be right about that lamb!

Wren said...

Love your photos. So beautiful.