Monday, October 19, 2009

Cockateel - garden visitor

This lovely little bird flew in recently and sat on the jacaranda tree, showing no signs of nervousness. It quickly hopped on my finger when I held it out, transferred to D's head, nibbled his ears and specs then onto his hand.

Surprise, surprise, 3 Siamese showed great interest and we were relieved when neighbour, Gonzalo, agreed to take the bird to his friend's large outdoor aviary.

Obviously, this cockateel had been someone's pet and if we hadn't found him/her a new home, s/he wouldn't have survived for long in the wild. Personally, I don't like to see any bird caged but I guess a large aviary is the next best thing, especially with the company of canaries and budgies.

My PC got struck by lightning recently and I've had to buy a new one. Only Vista in Spanish was available so it's been a stressful time installing programs, bookmarks and contacts and hoping I've not been clicking on the wrong things. The new set-up is very fast, no Firefox crashes and my Spanish has improved daily - fluent in EspaƑol computerese.


Jan said...

There, every cloud really does have a silver lining - the lightening solved your Firefox problems!

chaiselongue said...

What a beautiful bird. You're right, it's better for it to be in an aviary than to be in danger because it's so trusting. Lucky you could find somewhere for it.

Liz said...

Que bonito pajero - y que suerte qe tu vecino pudo offerarse una casa nueva! Me encanta tu blog y leo con interese para apprender mas sobre tu avenutra Espanola... Suspecho que sea mucho mas facil para apprender la lengua alli que para apprender aqui en Manchester UK! :-)

LadyLuz said...

Yes, Jan - everything humming along top speed....a bit scary!

Chaise Longue - thoroughly enjoyed catching up with your posts.

Hola Liz. Glad you found my blog interesting. Yes, I agree. Trying to learn English in the N. of England must be difficult. You will have a cosy Manchester accent.

I hope the Google translator is helpful to you.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

What a sweet little bird and how wonderful it is safe now from the curiosity of 3 Siamese cats. ;-)

How very spectacular to have your PC struck by lightning, I do hope you weren't anywhere near it at the time.

Barbee' said...

Love the little bird photo. My mom lured one of two parakeets (budgies) that were flying around her yard into a cage and had him for many years. I guess the other one died during the cold winter. Glad you were able to get a new computer. I bet you are enjoying it.