Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogger comments

How very frustrating.....many bloggers I visit must wonder why I've gone quiet. I haven't, it's just that every time I try to comment, Firefox crashes. I've trawled the forums but can find no answer.

Have done all the usuals - disabling add-ons, clearing the cache, but no joy. If any of you have had the same problem, and have solved it, do let me know.

Meanwhile, I'm still visiting you....


Jan said...

Oh dear, that must be annoying for you. Maybe someone will know the answer.

LadyLuz said...

Thanks Jan . I couldn't even access Comments here properly. Don't know why it's working now. I systematically disabled each add-on in the Tools, then enabled one by one. No repeat of the problem as yet. Oh the mysteries of this PC sometimes.

Naturegirl said...

Hola! I was so touched by your visit and encouraging words to me
as I walk this healing journey once again with cancer. I beat it once and shall again with a stance of Hope and complete wellness.
As you know I turn to Nature for my inspiration and to soothe my spirit.
Thank you for being there..I look forward to our visits. I may not pop in regularly as you know the PC seems to drain me of energy.
love and light to you..aNNa xo
P.s. all went well with my chemo yesterday! Round 4 in 3 weeks!

Barbee' said...

How annoying for you! No problems for me, so far, but if I hear of anything, I will let you know. Hope it clears up soon.

LadyLuz said...

Ann, Barbee and Jan - good to see you again.

I think I may have cracked this Blogger/Firefox crashing problem. Two security features were in conflict - Calling ID and AVG safer surfing. I've disabled the latter and so far, so good.

Barbee' said...

That's good news. Such problems are baffling to me. You are smart to be able to figure it out.