Friday, August 08, 2008


We usually see CDs strung along veg and fruit plots in our Spanish neighbours' gardens and this is the first scarecrow (espantap√°jaros) we've ever seen. He's guarding the vine and listing ever more to the right as time goes on. We keep forgetting he's a scarecrow and call out "hola, buenas dias) whenever we pass before giggling at our mistake.


Cheryl said...

Gosh Ladyluz....I really like him....can I have one please????

gintoino said...

I really like those oldfashion scarecrows. I should think about puting one in my veg garden (not that I need since my "watch cat" keeps avery bird out)

Sue Swift said...

He's the most realistic scarecrow I've ever seen. I can well understand why you keep talking to him. Has he ever spoken back?