Friday, August 01, 2008

For the fig lovers

Gonzalo insisted we had some of his figs and here they are.... they put our little black ones to shame. Each tastes slightly different. I sent el jefe round with a small bowl but noone can get out of Gonzalo's garden without a sackful of something. Luckily, I was able to offload some to our friends who helped with the horse manure gathering - figs, tomatoes (huge ones) green peppers and beautiful purple aubergines.
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Cheryl said...

I love figs so much....they look lovely......if you have a few to spare?????

Titania said...

Ladyluz you are one lucky lady having all those beautiful fresch vegetables and fresh figs. I adore figs. I hope we get LOTS this year!
I am sure your tiny blue ones are very tasty!

Pete said...

We are fast approaching the season here in Maine when you don't want to leave your car unlocked unless you are prepared to deal with the sack of zucchini you will find lovingly placed on the seat when you return.

I know a dozen people who like to grow zucchini, and they always grow way more than they want to eat.

ladyluz said...

Wish I could send some over, gals - a person could get buried on the mass of them here.

Pete, you made me laugh. Zucchini are famous for multiplying when your back's turned. People used to run in the opposite direction when they saw me round the veg patch in case I tried to give them more of those and aubergines.

Naturegirl said...

Love figs! I bit of Stilton blue cheese and balsomic on top then into the oven for a few minutes..mmmmmmm!!

Gary White said...

Figs are one thing I'm looking forward to when we move back to Spain. I remember how luscious they always were.