Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This is the latest project that D has started and it's going to take some time. The tiles for the black swirls are tiny and he needs hundreds of them.

Here is the start of it, with the larger tiles in copper mirror in a single fluid line on either side of the urn. To break up the black swirls, we decided some ordinary mirror tiles will accentuate the design.
I'll do some updates as this progresses.

Meanwhile, it's gung-ho in the garden again as we've had regular rain and sun. The black fly have appeared in their hordes and settled on the apricot and nectarine tree trunks. Now if only I could encourage the chameleons over there they could have a banquet - a real good blow out, so much so they'd probably fall off the tree!


Ernestine said...

I just read your comment on Marions blog and have found you.
I will be checking back in.
I loved what you said
"Gardening is like medicine
without needing a prescription and with no dosage limit"
Can I repeat this sometime.
Blessings to you this early morning.

Cheryl said...

I can't wait to see the finished product...I love mosaic.
You have given me a good laugh with regard to the blackfly and chameleon. I have a very vivid imigination!!

Ernestine said...

Thank you for visiting me.
Your encouragement makes me smile.
Where can I view your sundial.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

The new project looks very promising, can't wait to see the finished result.

Yuck, black fly! Can't you train Yin and Yang to herd the chameleons over to the trees infested with black fly? A sort of one woman and her Siamese sort of thingy. I think people will pay good money to see that. ;-)

BTW I tried to comment on your blog last week but my comments were not accepted for some reason.

ladyluz said...

Ernestine, the sundial is on April 22. Just go to the sidebar on the right, and click on April 2008 on "Blog Archive".

Yolanda - what a comic turn of mind you have! I can just picture that to the tune of Rawhide!

BTW the black fly are in clusters on the trunk and are easily missed.

Naturegirl said...

Another wonderful creation for us all to follow...this piece I'm sure will be stunning with the black design!
I loved the pot dedicated to your Derby...nice idea!
All the palms you have in your garden space remind me of my wonderful stay in sunny Arizona this past winter. How blessed you are to live in such an exotic location...sigh..
bugs flies and all! As I sit indoors free from the pests.
Have a wonderful weekend hugs aNNa

Naturegirl said...

oops..I meant to say black design will be stunning with the copper mirrors!I can imagine the reflections!!..I should NOT blog when suffering from a headache!!tsk.

The Mess said...

There is no gung-ho here as there has been sun every day for a couple of weeks, the grass is yellow and there is a permission to not do any kind of fire, like barbecue outside.

I've read Lila now, and I understand what you meant with that mad mode.

Got me a bit sad, not just the book but also that I feel that what he writes is very much from his own life. I resembled myself with Faidros in Zen.. but I hope in the future that I would not be like he is in Lila.