Sunday, June 08, 2008


After reading about the shortage in northern Spain, so much so that water had to be brought from France by container ship to Barcelona, and the crises on the Costas threatening the ban on water for swimming pools, we jumped at the chance for two more 1000 litre water containers.

We had to wrestle them off the back of a trailer and dismantle the metal cages so's we could manoevre these big tanks into position at the back of the green shed and the back of the house. The containers had to be rolled and lifted - what a lark for the two of us, who had to stop for frequent rests. The cats looked on in amusement.

We had to paint over the surfaces then so that the water didn't go mildewy and then lift the containers back into the metal cage mounted on pallets. Pheww. Some more guttering has to be erected at the back of the house now, and the tube modified at the back of the shed. We probably won't have any significant rainfall until October but it's a comforting feeling that we will eventually have 5000L of rainwater.


Ernestine said...

So sorry about the water shortage.
Have never experienced anything like that.
Might be something I take for granted.
Especially since I have been watering my 1 year old garden every morning.
Blessings to you

gintoino said...

We don't have water shortage here(yet) but I'm considering buying one of those. I just have no idea where to buy them...
I'll have to keep on looking

ladyluz said...

Hello Ernestine

Yes, I think it's a serious situation here with reservoirs being 30% down. We are outside a town, not in an urbanisation, so don't have mains water. We rely on a well, as does everyone in this area and those which run dry (we never have - fingers crossed)have them replenished by water cart.

Unlike many foreigners who come to this area pursuing a dream they've seen on t.v. of a home in the sun, we don't have a pool, or a lawn. We try to garden Mediterranean style and put in as many drought resistant plants as we can.

The rain water containers are handy for the vegetable patch.

Hello Gintoino

These depositos are made in Sweden by Perstorp and imported to Spain for the paint industry. They seem to use them for some sort of latex and they need a thorough washing out with a pressure hose before connecting up to a roof guttering system. There may be some companies in Faro who could locate them for you. Good luck.

Titania said...

Here on the Gold Coast have been severe water restriction implemented. At the monent they are again a bit more relaxed, as we had some heavy rainfall. Lucky us we have a very deep well so we do not rely on town water so it is connected to our house. Australia is the second driest Continent, the driest is Antarctica. I hope you get good rainfalls, perhaps from storms until the rainy season arrives, to fill your tanks.

Cheryl said...

What a sensible thing to do....water is a precious commodity.
I bet you laughed a lot moving the tanks into place. When we moved into this house we moved a lot of heavy structures and spent most of the time giggling at how weak I was.
Hope you get some rain to fill your tanks.....that first trickle will be exciting.

The Mess said...

I envy you in winter but in summer I don't know. I don't like when it's too hot.

I do know a woman that has moved to Sweden from Cadiz. She's married to a relative.

But what she misses most from Cadiz is all the fish they could buy and eat fresh everyday.

ladyluz said...

Thanks for stopping by Cheryl, Titania and M. We sometimes have a flash storm in August, when everything smells wonderful after the rain and the greenery glows.

Suffering from short supplies of other things here at the moment as lorry drivers and fishermen are on strike. Staples and fresh food stocks are dwindling.