Monday, May 26, 2008


As promised, here is a good example of the artistry that goes into the trunks of palm trees. This one is about 8M high in the courtyard of a hotel where we go quizzing every fortnight.

It looks to me as if it's hand-sanded when the coir is removed from the grooves. I wonder if the age of the tree can be deduced from the rows of grooves, rather like the rings in other tree trunks.


Titania said...

Thank you for your comment:) This is a beautiful palm. Perhaps you could count the leaves this palm sheds over one year and than calculate the grooves. Because I think the grooves are the marks the leaves make when they fall off. This palm could be 20-30 years old it depends how fast it grows. Anyway it is a fantastic looking palm and I am sure it makes a great statement in your garden. I will be back in your spanish garden.

Titania said...

Sorry, I was so fascinated with the trunk of this palm I oversaw that it is not in your garden but in a hotel garden.

ladyluz said...

Thanks Titania - yes I think it is around 30 years old, whereas ours is about 6 years.

Public gardens, hotels and very rich people here plant palms that are already this tall. The leaves get bound, and scaffolding is erected around them until the roots are established.