Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We've just had the last of last summer's apricots which I'd blanched and frozen and, my, they were delicious. Two bags of frozen yellow plums are left and that will be that until May and the new lot come along.

Poor David, who is meant to be pruning our fruit trees has pneumonia and is delayed. We saw Gonzalo in his garden for the first time in weeks, pruning his trees, so the time must be right. We've had torrential rain, followed by warm sun, not enough to dry out the land but all the veg is thriving and little hearts of cauliflower and broccoli are appearing. Yippee. The two buddleias, lilies and pittisporum that I put in are doing well and, allelujah, the hardenbergia is flowering and I will put a picture up soon. I have a new camera and still finding my way around it. It's smaller yet more sophisticated that the other Fujipix and my softening brain can only take in a bit of information at a time!

For those who added their pins to the Bravenet map in October, which I only saw today, sorry I missed you and have sent you emails in answer to your questions.


Stuart said...

I know exactly what you mean, ladyluz. I too have only recently bought a new camera and the learning curve is extreme. But, I am starting to enjoy some of the rewards and I'm keen to see some more of your pics from Spain.

ladyluz said...

Thanks Stuart. As it's handbag size, I hope to be more active with the camera. Hope you are enjoying your summer Down Under.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

The weather sounds lovely in Spain, we have rain and lots of it but it isn't very cold, around 8 to 10 C.

You are making me very envious, wish I could have veggies growing in my garden too, but no I'll have to wait a few more weeks.

Good luck with the new camera! Always a bit difficult when you have a new one but fortunately you can practice a lot on your garden and the kittycats. ;-)

Happy pic snapping!