Friday, January 04, 2008


This is near the US Base north of Puerta de Sta. Maria and we were on the hunt for an unusual pot for mosaicing. Yes, we said "no more big ones" but pensionistos are allowed to change their mind. El jefe has plans for black with copper mirror lines snaking through. He's abandoned his plan, temporarily, to make his own sculpture. Here it is....

During our last visit, about 18 months ago, they were excavating to create a lake and above is the finished project. A haven for ducks, birds and insects. A tranquil place to rest before browsing their large selection of trees and shrubs. Very reasonable prices.

I said earlier winter hadn't really arrived and to confirm that we saw storks on the nest and flamingos in the lagoons on the way there. Too warm here I suppose for them to make the journey south.

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Yolanda Elizabet said...

How nice to see that there are still some places on earth where the sun is shining! It's rather bleak here today although not that cold, about 10 C.

Love that pic of the lake!

Happy mosaicing!!!!

BTW there's lots of kitties on Bliss to enjoy.