Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We passed a row of egrets sitting on a wall today and, sad to say, I did not take the opportunity to photograph this lovely sight with my new camera. So when later we spied this stork on top of an electricity pylon, I didn't make the same mistake. It was very grey and overcast, temperature 18C though......amazing. I don't remember another winter as warm as this, although this is what I expected on arriving in Spain 5 years ago.
And look - the hardenbergia is blooming. Not in full bloom, but still you'll get an idea of its beauty.
Those of you who remember the Strelitizia last year will have seen the first three flowers. This year it has four and I hope, as before, they appear on St. Valentine's Day.

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Colin & Carol said...

I understand your frustration at missing the first stork picture. I once saw 43 of them in flight together; on arrival in the village they were stood in a field right next to me! Of course the camera was back in the house and I missed amazing photographs. All those people whom I had advised 'to always carry a camera' will be smiling now. Happy gardening 2008.