Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CASTELLAR VIEJO out in the wilds of Los Alcornocales Park lies a secret garden centre used by the Province for their trees and shrubs for public parks. They sell to the public at very reasonable prices so we set off early for the 1 hr+ drive on a balmy sunny Spring-like morning.

Below is a small example of what they have. We bought some Melia, Gravillea and a Magnolia, plus phormium and agapanthas, oh an another bay tree which I'll try not to kill with kindness like the others. The propietor threw in three small wild pines as presents. Aint that nice.

These are some of the fruit trees before David, the Spanish gardener got cracking with his cutters and saws and knocked them into shape. All the trimmings went into an industrial-sized shredder and we now have two huge piles to put mulch around the trees once I've mattocked around them and got rid of the weeds.
As you can see, the bottom of the garden will be a great place for the new additions, so we have a busy week ahead digging holes, weeding and rotivating .....unless it rains: I haven't looked at the forecast yet.

On the same estate as the Vivero is a beautiful Antingua Casa Convento, an ancient convent now a hotel and restaurant. I will include pictures on another post, as we called in there for refrescos after our purchases.


kate said...

It sounds as if you had a wonderful day - lots of good purchases and refrescos at the end of your shopping expedition. I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures on the Antingua Casa.

ladyluz said...

Hi Kate. Good to see you here - I've seen your name several times on some of my favourite garden blogs.

I popped over to yours and I see we have similar taste in music and literature but not climate! I'll have a longer read when I've time.

hasta la proxima

Yolanda Elizabet said...

A scret garden centre? Sounds intriguing! ;-) And how nice that you got 3 wild pines for free.