Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LA ALMORAIMA ESTATE - Antigua Casa Convento.

This is where we stopped for refreshments after our visit to the Vivero and luckily, it was just down a nearby lane as we'd had an unscheduled stop in the forest with a puncture. We went over a hidden boulder and heard a bang and a whoosh and knew something was wrong. By the time the puncture was repaired (with the help of a young Spanish couple whose exit we'd blocked down the lane) we were ready for our claras (shandies).

This beautiful building was founded in 1603 as a convent; 250 years later the Count of Castellar repossessed the lands and turned the property into a hunting lodge. Now the property belongs to the Almoraima estate and is a hotel/restaurant in its own parkland and in the heart of Los Alconocales Park. (Gosh, I sound like a travel brochure). No, listen, it is an exceptional place, very peaceful and we weren't surprised to meet a Dutch couple there trying to discover if they could hold spiritual workshops for a week or two for their students.....perfect environment.

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Yolanda Elizabet said...

Thanks for all the lovely pics of that very old convent. Such a beautiful building, it just exudes tranquility! No wonder you were so taken with it!

I'm glad you got some help with the puncture, not nice when you get a flat tire and I can well imagine you both being ready for your claras. ;-)

BTW those Dutch people are everywhere, aren't they? ;-)