Monday, November 19, 2007

Unknown Plant.

Mathilde has been at it again - leaving a bunch of "somethings" while I was out. I think they're lilies and have divided them and plonked them in with plenty of compost . Now what? Do I stake them? I fuss over new acquisitions as if they're babies and, sadly, not all survive.

Poorly pelargoniums. The only things I spray in Spain are pelargoniums as they're prone to destruction by the geranium moth. I also had some little white flies around plants under the pergola. But it looks as if my ministrations have not succeeded. I've clipped some back, sprayed again and had a big clear up under the pergola as it was getting damp and dark. The vine is dying back so have pruned that to let in more sun and light, and that may do the trick.
Everything else - the hibiscus, hardenbergia, incense plant and last year's poinsettia - are doing fine.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

How odd, I would have thought that pelargoniums would do very well in Spain but unfortunately you have to fight off the geranium moth. I'm glad we don't have those beasties here.

Be careful with the poinsettia around Yin and Yang as it is very poisonous! Around Christmas time there are loads of poinsettias about here and many people don't how how poisonous these plants are to both pets and small children.

ladyluz said...

Thanks for the tip, Yolanda. Yin and Yang haven't shown the slightest interest in the poinsettias - they are too busy chasing crickets and frogs (and there's a nasty poisonous one of a toad in this area).

Now the temperature is dropping they want the comfort of indoors much more.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Pam, poisonous toads can also be a worry when there are kitties about who love to play with everything that moves.

BTW Yin and Yang have been tagged by the kitties of the Bliss team. Read all about it on Bliss.