Sunday, October 28, 2007


Take a mini tour with me - we only popped in for veg seedings, but ....

Here's the statuary yard . There are two abstract ones in the centre, black and white, which I've always fancied. We keep our eye open here for unusual pots for mosaicing.
This is their Aladin's cave of ceramics - all colours, all styles, matching tableware and souvenirs for visitors.
This is the half-hardy corridor. Right now there are dozens of gardenias, ferns, kalachoe, azalea and cyclamen.
Indoor plants on the left, full of peace lilies, flamingo plants, begonias with fabulous multi-coloured leaves.
And then the enormous vista of colour opens out. Bourganvilleas galore,
chrysanthemums, asters, gerberas, giant pots with a mixture of different coloured asters in one pot - what a good idea, never thought of that.

This is a good time to plant new trees, shrubs and climbers and this viveros stocks a great variety. Spanish shops and supermarkets do not open on a Sunday. The exception - introduced in the last three years - is the garden centre and even during the sancrosanct siesta period you will find all nationalities pottering around the viveros to find beautiful things for their gardens.


Vanillalotus said...

Wow that is a beautiful garden center. All the plants looks super healthy too. What did you end up buying?

ladyluz said...

Hi Vanillalotus. They do look good, don't they. We only popped in for veg seedlings as the ants and mice had been at the ones I'd already put in. I couldn't resist the coriander in pots though. With the cooler season here, they may survive longer before bolting.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Okay it's time to come clean Pam; what else did you buy except for the veg seedlings? ;-)

I love terracotta pots as they look great in any garden.

That display of chrysanthemums looks great.

So the Spanish have been infected with the gardening bug too?

Loads of purrs from the Bliss team to Yin and Yang!

Green thumb said...

The garden centre looks magically beautiful.A visit to such place will serve as a treat for any gardening enthusiast.Thanks for taking us along.

Well again the same question-What did you buy??

ladyluz said...

Hi gals, no, honest, we were very restrained that day and the only extras were the coriander as it's
so rare here.

It was very tempting to go mad but we must concentrate on planting more trees and shrubs now and are waiting for the next rains.

My Chutney Garden said...

What a great nursery. I love all the colourful pots. All those Mediterranean colours that look so fabulous against bright flowers.
How exciting to be starting a whole new garden in a different country.
Regards from Trinidad,

Sue Swift said...

Looks as if it's a bit warmer there than it is here ...
This is just to tell you that I posted your link for the Garden Bloggers' Retro Carnival today. Thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

oh my eyes are POPPING OUT. everything looks so lovely! I want to go there.