Monday, November 26, 2007


Yolanda in the Nederlands here at has tagged our two precious Siamese....and aren't they chuffed. "About time", they said.

Favourite toys:
Yin - don't get a look in - Yang hogs them all
Yang - my ping-p
ong ball, my climbing frame, my staff's moccasins

Favourite foods:

We are both very picky - only raw hake and shrimps though we are partial to l
icking out the cornflake bowl and creme freche tub.

Favourite activities:

Yin - chasing crickets, being cuddled by D., being cuddled by P.,
being cuddled by Anyone
Yang - watching my favourite Jacqui Lawson cards on the computer;
watching Nature programmes on t.v.; helping with the filing.

Bad Habits:

Yin: I am a paragon - I have none!
Yang: I'm the naughty one - throwing things off shelves to get attention, knocking on the windows at inconvenient times, waking the servants at 3.30 a.m., staying out late.

As for
Music, all that jazz and opera in the house, we can't hear ourselves think. We prefer the quiet, though they do insist on leaving the radio on when they go out, thinking it'll keep us company.

Adios mis amigos.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

LOL, great pics Pam and what adorable little rascals Yin and Yang are. The pic behind the pc is capital but then again the one in front of the telly is also a scream. Thanks Yin and Yang for your wise words and Pam for the lovely pics of and fun post about two gorgeous cats!

Anonymous said...

give them cat-kisses for me!