Tuesday, October 16, 2007

S.W. SPANISH GARDENING is a constant surprise. Just as I think I've got things sussed and sorted, conditions change and up pops new growth that I wouldn't have expected until the Spring.

Mathilde gave us some bits and pieces, we knew not what in English....an old succulent leaf, that turns out to be an aloe vera; a few bulbs which are burgeoning into Fleur de Lys (have yet to look those up) and just when I thought hacking down the Clematis last month had put it to bed for winter, here it is blooming again.

So it's a delight rambling round the garden and seeing what's happening. 10 a.m. and it's 20C, rain yesterday has moistened the soil so it's a day for putting in swede, parsnip and carrot seeds and having a monster burnup again. We missed potato planting in August, so will have to wait until February now. I could try the peas again as we did get a small crop in early Spring - much to my surprise.

A friend lifted two mature buddleia for us from her garden here and they're waiting to be planted, a deep purple and a yellowy/orange. El jefe is over the moon because our existing white buddleia (which is flowering again this year) has not attracted butterlies. These new ones might do the trick.

I love it when friends give us bits from their garden: it's a regular reminder of our friendship and good times together. Earlier, a dear friend in UK sent us Euphorbia seeds. I put them "somewhere safe" and couldn't find them. They've now turned up so it'll great to have these beautiful plants early next year.

Time to round up the tools and get cracking.....

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Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lovely weather you're having Pam! Today it's raining here but we did have lots of sunny and balmy days this month so I won't complain about the rain. My garden needed a bit of rain. ;-)

I always think it great fun when someone gives me bulbs, seeds, roots or whatever for the garden and nobody has a clue what plant it actually is. It's fun to see what happens when it's planted or sown, such a journey of discovery.

How lovely to be able to plant and sow at this time of year.

Hopefully your new buddleia will attract zillions of butterflies!

LOL the putting things somewhere safe is a real danger, isn't it? You usually put it that safe that you won't be able to find it when you need it. That's why I have my nifty seed box. I put all my seeds in there so that I'll never have to search high and low for them again.

It's wonderful that your clematis is in flower once again, I love surprises like that!
Mucho cuddles for Yin and Yang!