Wednesday, October 10, 2007


After a month of regular storms and heavy rain in September, here we are, a third through October, with temperatures around 29C and needing the fans on at night in the study and bedroom. So winter seems a long way away.

All flowers and shrubs are enjoying a second lease of life, while the fruit trees are losing their leaves and it's a constant battle to clear up after the winds. We've been having a new drive laid, preparing new things for the garden in the coming months, so I haven't been paying much attention to the blog. And here's part of the new drive. All the greenery on the left hand terrace is the hardenbergia we put in in the Spring. No lovely purple flowers yet though.

Sue in Milan has asked me to join the GARDEN BLOGGERS RETRO CARNIVAL,
i.e. to repeat a post I'm fond of, and I can think of nothing better than one in February this year when the temperatures were climbing, Spring had arrived and I was just recovering from shingles. It's a comforting thought, facing winter (whenever it arrives in Spain) that it will be short-lived and the Feb
ruary post reminds me of that.

We've had a grand burn-up today, as this month is the first we've been allowed to since end May. Tuesday and Thursdays are the officially approved days so I opened the door this morning to the smell of bonfires all around. What a wonderful aroma.


Sue Swift said...

Hi - lovely post and it's a way of doing it that I'd not actually thought of - maybe we'll do it like that in the future. This time, the idea was actually that everyone sends me the link to their old post, and I'll publish them all in a "carnival" in November. Lots of people are participating and if you'd like to join in by sending me a different link, you're still in time. But don't worry - I like the way you did it too!

ladyluz said...

Hi Sue,

Have modified the post and sent you the link.

funtimehappygardenexplosion said...

i'm glad i stumbled upon your page. I am envious of your availability of space. I would love to sprawl out the way you have.

happy gardening!