Thursday, March 01, 2007

STRELITZIA HAS A MATE, and it looks like they've had an argument already. See how the first one now has its full coxcomb. Lovely plant - and the snails think so too, the little blighters.


Naturegirl said...

I am seeing these bird of paridise flowers all around me here in Florida! I pay $35 a stem at my local flower shop back home in Canada!!! Lucky Lady!
Have you come by to see my gators I've posted!! hugs NG

ladyluz said...

My, that's expensive. So it's great for you to experience them in abundance in a natural setting.

green thumb said...

The pair looks splendid.I wish my bird of paradise too flowers soon.

jimthe donkey said...

Hi all

Odd request for help, we are a Spanish Association whose aims are defending the environment and rescuing animals. Our rescue centre and sanctuary inb Nerja (Malaga) which is also an animal hospice, needs suggestions for nice smelly, fast growing plants, pref continual flowering. No, they are not in situ where they can be eaten by our donkeys, goat etc., but in our visitors area, but our normal earthy smells, mean that anything nice and fragrant would be more than welcome, to overcome our more "natural" smells ! - Soil horrible but can be sorted. email or visit to find out more and any suggestions appreciated, and we are NOT renoown for our green fingers !

ladyluz said...

Hi Jim. What a fine job you must be doing there, where there must be many donkeys needing your TLC.

I'm going to email you separately with pictures of different lavenders. They grow fast here, have different coloured leaves and textures and slightly different flower heads. Another fantastic plant that's evergreen but the flowers are in Spring and Autumn is the dame de noche.

Well, you'll never be at a loss for good manure for your soil, will you!