Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Loadsa broccoli (no, not more soup), spring onions and celery. I use the leaves as well when making soup, or chop them finely as a garnish.

Two types of lettuce are coming along, plus radishes. Time now to sow seeds for other things. I read a great tip on someone else's blog about cutting a bit plastic pipe in half, sowing the seeds in that so that seedlings can be slid out gently into the plot, or a big pot. I'll have a go.

Nectarine blossom - a beautiful pink - on one tree at the moment.


Naturegirl said...

WOW! look at what's happening here!I am catching up on my fav. blogs..still in Florida and posting! I Loved your slide presentation!That bamboo pattern is wonderful!hugs NG

Gotta Garden said...

Your picture makes me hungry! Those look wonderful! Enjoyed reading about you!