Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Are we too late? Three x 1000 litres containers now connected to the guttering around the green wooding potting shed, with one and a half already filled. I wonder if the heaviest of rainfall is behind us now.

It's been dry and sunny all week, with an unpredicted shower last night, which will help the potatoes. I've been weeding, potting up and transplanting all week and the garden looks loved. Peach, nectarine and fig trees are putting out their new shoots, the bignonia is on the move and the chameleons are still to be found in amongst the greenery. I found a big green and brown one on the ground recently, facing down Yang with a loud hiss.

The arbour round the back of the house is coming along and I can't wait to put a new jasmine and a beautiful Australian/NZ plant, handbergia, amongst the trellis. It'll be a place to relax and read in the Spring and Autumn. Maybe I can do my Spanish homework there - I've started lessons again so am spending less time on the computer.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Good idea to collect rainwater, I do it too.

Is it really necessary to make me see green with envy with all that talk about peach, nectarine and fig trees? :-)

BTW The answer to your question is yes and there is a new pic of a very cute little kittie on my blog today.

Good luck with the Spanish lessons!

Quinta das Abelhas said...

isn't it great now the weather is warm and sunny :)

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Gotta Garden said...

Oh, bad for us that you're spending less time on the computer...but good for you regarding the Spanish lesson!

That's interesting to see your rain collection containers. I don't think I've seen such before...maybe in New Mexico or somewhere?...but around here, rarely (very) a whiskey barrel attached, but that's about it. Good for you!