Monday, August 24, 2015

Bumper crops

 Quadruple the number of crops this year and we managed to harvest some before the birds got to them.   But as you can see, plenty left for all of us.
 And as for the Moscatel grapes.....marvellous.   Last year and the year before everyone's grapes went mildewy.     Not this year - delicious. 
When I left for the UK a month ago to be with a sick friend, these were all miniscule.   What a change in a month. 

I forgot to photograph the pomegranates.  Again, so many this year that I must find some recipes.  Up until this year we could count on one hand the number of fruits.   I have no idea why this year is so different.


Wisewebwoman said...

You are truly blessed :)


Hattie said...

I have a fig, too. I go out before the birds to pick them!
Is someone keeping bees near you, or do you have bees? When we get big crops of fruit, it's because the bees the macnut farmers bring in to fertilize their trees are kind enough to fertilize ours, too.
Wish we could grow grapes. We had some home grown ones recently, though, at a friend's place in the Portland area. My favorite "store bought" ones are those little champagne grapes.
I was sorry to hear about your sick friend but glad you are posting again and have visited my blog.
All the best to you!