Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vanilla Delight

For 12 years we've lived with a dark terracotta villa with lemon top trim.   Last time el jefe repainted about 2 years ago he said "that's it, I'll get someone in to do it next time".   Well "next time" was this month when Paco and Manolo turned up to turn our house into a cream and green delight.   Rain stopped play (in June !) for 2 days but now it's all finished, it's fabulous. 

We found a forgotten box of beautiful Portuguese ceramic butterflies and they have been added to the house name, which means The Rainbows - we have crystals hanging in the windows which catch the early morning sun.


Wisewebwoman said...

How absolutely gorgeous and we ARE in sync, outside of my house is yellow (and blue) and inside mainly yellow, I am in the throes of having the inside painted at the mo.

Enjoy Wales. Love your posts, as you know :)


Hattie said...

My house reverses it. It's green with white trim.