Thursday, April 17, 2014

This 'n that

It's so long since I fiddled with my blog that I've forgotten how to edit the side bars and add/remove bloggers and  books.  I can just about get my head round a new post.

Time whooshes by, the temperatures are in the mid to late 20Cs and I'm out most of the day labouring in the garden.   The vibrant ice plants are out.....

The NZ bottle brush is back again and other stuff that looked as if it had died has miraculously reappeared.

What a pleasure  it is to be out there, even though my old bones ache at the end of the day.


Ela said...

What lovely flowers !

Wisewebwoman said...

wonderful how you captured it, Pamela.

Does my old bones good to be out and about :)


Hattie said...

Gardening is so satisfying. Love the flowers, which remind me of what my mother grew in California. I don't think I've ever seen a white ice plant though.