Monday, March 03, 2014


The peerless Paco couldn't get to us until last week as the weather had been so wild and wet.   Within 6 hours, the orchard was reduced from knee-high weeds to looking a bit more loved....

I see there is  a goodly number of lemons ready to pick and I have just the recipe - lemon curd (called lemon cheese in some parts) only 10 minuts in the microwave and absolutely idiot-proof.   El jefe loves it, as do I, but last time I had it my face blew up like a balloon.  I rushed to the doctor who reassured me it was temporary - the salivary glands had become irritated.  

The freesia seeds I put in at the wrong time  last year have blossomed and what intoxicating perfume they have.  

All the osteospurmums are out and the black-eyed Susans have not stopped flowering all winter...

And for the first time, the iris that has just sat there for 2 years gave us some blooms at the same time as the canna lilies..

We have a smart new colourful awning to protect us from the Poniente (the strong westerly Atlantic wind).   The plastic window in our original awning got ripped to bits in a gale last month.   Our new one has a smaller window and we love it,  as we can still see the garden as we sit  on the patio for our morning coffee.  

There's still a lot to do (as ever) and I have more enthusiasm now to do it.   Sadly, the days of spending hours working out there are gone.   I can manage 3 hrs. max and then have to take a nap.   I must get myself a hammock!


Hattie said...

Looks like absolute bliss! A Mediterranean dream! (Sigh.)

nick said...

Oh, you should also have posted a pic of the orchard BEFORE it had such loving attention. Then we could see what a brilliant job Paco has done!

I've never tried sleeping in a hammock. People say they're very comfortable....

Wisewebwoman said...

I just love coming here and having a virtual BATH in your wonderful garden.

Thank you from the endless winter at the edge of the Atlantic.

Another 25cm of snow forecast for tonight. Winter is running 3 months longer this year than ever before.