Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New blooms

 The first of the clematis this year and an added bonus that the new variety we put in (close up below) in January is flowering this year.   The shade provides a beautiful contrast to the deep magenta of our original plant and the Greek blue next to it that flowers later.

 We fell in love with this New Zealand bottle brush tree, even though we had no idea where to put it.   Some very old osteospurnums had to go, and then we had room.    I think it looks fantastic.
 Yet another hibiscus as we couldn't resist its peachy colour, which doesn't show up so well in this picture.
And finally, the tiny rosebush that Mathilda gave me last year has turned into this - and the smell is heavenly. 

The garden is true medicine at the moment, as my saying at the end of each page says.  

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thecatalanway said...

Lovely ideas - I might go and get a hibiscus! And you remind me that we need a clematis for a shady wall with sun at the top! Any recommendations? I can't get too many plants here as we do hope to move one day to somewhere we can have a garden and vegetable plot. but it's hard to resist have the terrace full of flowers.
Isn't Spring lovely?
love Kate x