Sunday, April 08, 2012


No, I know it's not gardening but something that equally preoccupies me as I try out different recipes, only to find them in metric, lbs/ozs and American cups.   Now, please don't all rush in with your tips (unless they are absolutely idiot-proof) as I'm confused enough.   I've spent over two hours in my kitchen with the Moulinex XXL (its speciality is  baguettes, which were a disaster!) trying to adapt a spicy fruit loaf recipe.  The only Moulinex  book that's available is for a 500g/750g machine.   No. you can't just double up quantities for a 1000g - I've checked.  

The consistency in the mixture stage looked more like a Yorkshire pudding, so I've steadily added more flour.   I stood around while my raisins were "plumped up" with Jerez's finest cooking sherry, and they are now added.  I also went on line to find out how to make buttermilk (add lemon juice or vinegar to the milk).   We can only get UHT milk here so it didn't turn into buttermilk.   I put the mixture in however.  Clearly, this bloody loaf will have to take its chances.   Another 3 hours and I'll know the result.    And the irony is, I can't eat any of the stuff I make as it completely messes up my digestive system.    Oh, woe....the smell is glorious and it takes a lot of discipline not to indulge in a slice.

Having said all that, I do have an absolutely foolproof recipe from my friend, Trudy:  it's a 50% wholemeal loaf, some flour with sunflower seeds plus extra seeds and linseed.   It's a 1000g loaf with a lovely crispy crust and when it's cool I slice it and freeze it.

Here are some pictures

 My wonderful machine, a wedding anniversary gift to ourselves

Trudy's recipe loaf.

3 hours later.....
And here's the spicy raisin bread, which has just got the thumbs up from el jefe.  His only reservation was that he'd have preferred real butter on it, rather than "I don't believe it's not butter".  

I've had a bite and it could do with a bit more spice and brown sugar.   This will last D a week, unless he sneaks out for a midnight feast - and slaps real butter on it!

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