Sunday, February 27, 2011

Physalis - Cape gooseberry

Earlier this year we puzzled over some tiny blue and yellow flowrers on a shrub we thought was one of four datura or brugmansia. What a surprise to find these strange objects hanging down recently.

A bit of research revealed that they are Cape gooseberries. Originating in Brazil then sent to South Africa and Australia, they are not commonly seen for sale. I do remember them in Sainsbury's years ago and they were an horrendous price. Said to be great for jam, or just to toss into a fruit or veg salad.

Our shrub is not that abundant to make jam, but we will save seed to start more plants off.

But where did this come from? And then I remembered: about a year ago a friend asked if we'd like a little seedling of Cape gooseberry. As usual, we forgot to label it up and blithely planted it out as a datura. What a lovely surprise to find another fruit in our garden.
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thecatalanway said...

Great that you are back - hope you had a good time I am going soon and hoping for dry weather and to see the daffodils.
Lovely photos!
Spring is springing
K x

me said...

I've never tried these, but I can imagine that they'd look very pretty in a fruit salad.

me said...

I got your comment this time. There's always something wrong with Blogger though isn't there!

Elephant's Eye said...

Interesting blogroll you have. Always looking for something new to read, but some of yours haven't posted for two years ;~)

Living in the Cape, I used to think that was what the name meant, since they almost grow wild in Cape Town gardens. Then I discovered it is the 'cape' the berry wears!

LadyLuz said...

Thanks for that snippet of information, Elephant's Eye. So the cape doesn't need a capital C because it means something else.

Sue Swift said...

Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one who forgets what i've put in...