Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January in Spain

Rain, the grandma of storms and winds and daytime temperatures around 20C. This is the result in the garden - everything burdgeoning and blooming: geraniums, hibiscus, abutilon, hardenbergia and the beautiful succulents.

We're waiting for a cold snap to be able to prune the fruit trees and realise that the abundant new growth could be at risk. There are weeds galore too.

We've both had flu-like symptoms since New Year and have lost our mojo to get out there and get stuck in. I think we'll have to buy in some help to get on top of it.
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Sue Swift said...

20°C ??? Why didn't I come to live in Spain rather than Italy. It's 3°here, damp, grey and foggy.

Darla said...

Your garden is just lush and beautiful!

thecatalanway said...

Lovely photos! I have lots to learn about mediterranean gardening as most of what I planted and sowed last year failed dismally. but then I am used to cornish weather! And we have a large terrace so gardening in pots is also a new experience. WE had flu too over New Year - it's been a bad year for it. Hope you are better now and out enjoying the sunshine. Still fairly cold up here at night
All the best


LadyLuz said...

Hola chicas

And thanks for visiting. Time to get seeds in down here, would you believe. And it's going to be one long battle with garden pests, I just know it. We really need a cold snap.

Jan said...

I must have missed this post. We're still waiting for our usual hard frosts too, we need them to help keep the insects down!