Thursday, March 04, 2010

Andalucian March

I know I've done a lot of moaning about the weather - and it's still raining, thundering and lightening - when I looked around there was a lot flowering in these warm and wet conditions.

This year, the Bird of Paradise has excelled itself. Starting out with one blossom in year one, three in year two, there were at least a dozen this year.

The lilies went in in the Autumn, as did the hollyhocks grown from seed that are behind them. I wonder if they'll flower this year.

It is too wet to turn the soil in the veg patch, so nothing is in yet....a source of great frustration to Gonzalo next door. By now, his rows and rows of potatoes would be well advanced.


Jan said...

Your garden's looking lovely and the Bird of Paradise is fantastic. I expect you'd like the rain to stop now though!

ibrahim said...

that bird of paradise looks stunnig! congrats!!

LadyLuz said...

Nice to see you both and glad the Bird of Paradise has given such pleasure.

Dohar...hmm, gardening in drought conditions? You do a fantastic job, Ibrahim, and I'm envious of your plants normally seen in temperate climates.

Sue Swift said...

Lovely. I thought we'd got through the bad weather but snow is again forecast for tomorrow. When is it ever going to end this year?

Naturegirl said...

Lady luz what a glorious garden we are in a winter thaw dreaming of color and a Spring just a ahead! You have rain and we hold on to the thoughts of Springtime blossoms!
I enjoyed my visit w/ you today!

LadyLuz said...

Hell Sue and Anna

Isn't it extraordnary this year. And snow again in Italy in March.

Yesterday we had storms for 5 hours and the town was closed to traffic.

Sue Swift said...

Wow - you are so, so far ahead of us.

joey said...

You garden is stunning, a bit of Paradise!