Saturday, February 27, 2010

Andalucian Rain

It's official - the wettest in Andalucia for 13 years; the reservoirs are full enough for the next 3 years and to cap it all we had a hail storm last week the size of peas. We are now in the 3rd month of this and are longing for it to end.

The temperature is abnormal - 24C in the day - so very high humidity is present.

The cats are bored and picking on one another. Yang has no-one to chase as Shanti has disappeared, I hope by choosing a better billet or, better still, gone back to his home.


Jan said...

Rain in Spain is good... but it sounds as though you've had your share! It will do all your plants good though, and it's fantastic that all the reservoirs are full. We've had very little rain this winter, but more than our share of snow.

Titania said...

Hi LadyLuz, It is raining here too. Very humid and still hot. But this is February here; My garden needs a good trim and some weeding, the moscitos are at their worst. Tomorrow is another day! Glad your water reservoir is full, count your blessings.