Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Long time gone

Returned from UK after my niece's wedding a week ago to find a water crisis in the area. All of us are outside the town, drawing water pumped from our wells and they're all dangerously low. Our friends some 10 kms. away in the hills just had a muddy splodge at the bottom and as they return to Spain from their summer visit to Wales this week, it was all hands on deck to get something improvised for them. They had a disused swimming pool so we all pitched in, scraping, cleaning and mopping the bottom, had 10,000L delivered and used a huge black awning to cover it. Meanwhile, back at our casa we were coming to the end of our rainwater depositos that we use for the garden. Here they are - 3 x 500L and 1 x 300L and the lone one of 500L waiting for new guttering down that side of the house.

We have three corners of the roof that act as a funnel for rain and have spotted some robust plastic water containers in a DIY store with lids and taps, about 350L capacity. Only 35€, so we'll give those a go too. All our shower and washing up water is being recycled but the laundry-to-do is in danger of walking out of the basket on its will have to wait.

Apologies to all my blogging buddies for my silence on your blogs. The phone connection disappeared last week and we waited almost 5 days for the repair. All those little jobs that get put off in favour of getting on line were completed, plus the cleaning up of old files and pictures on the PC and generally streamlining stuff ready for when we were back on line again.

So, I'm gradually catching up and look forward to seeing what you've all been up to.....


Titania said...

Hello lady luz, welcome back. I hope you get some rain soon. We had a wet winter and spring has already brought a few good thunderstorms. I won't complain I have seen very dry springs. I know how it feels like. Best wishes for some nice rainy days!

60 Going On 16 said...

Would you like some of our West Country water? We've had floods (no change there then . . .)

Do hope your visit to the UK wasn't a watery write-off.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Dear Ladyluz, returning from a wet England to a very dry Spain must have been quite a shock for you. It's very worrying when the water in your well disappears which is what happened to your friends. Good thinking on using the disused swimming pool as storage space. And good thinking on your part too to buy more water containers. Now the rains have to come. Wish I could send you some showers and you can send me some sun and then we'd be all happy.

Darlene said...

I finally found you on one of your blogs. Since I live in a Town House and only have a small back yard my gardening days are pretty much over. In Arizona I have opted for native plants that don't require a lot of water and can survive the heat. Therefore, I am limited to succulents, cacti, and Texas Rangers. My only common plants are a Jasmine bush that twines around my patio post and 3 small Forsythia bushes in front. The association takes care of my front yard, so there is not much required by me other than watering.

i couldn't find the name of your other blog. Could you please enlighten me?