Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Brrr, what a shock - a rare north wind has arrived, I can hear the bamboo wind chime clacking away outside and the temperature is very cool. Jasmine smell is being wafted elsewhere. Time to get the socks and thermals out again. We were tempted to remove the electric blanket over the weekend and decided against it, just in case.

Kate over on has a great book meme. Turn to a book you are reading , find page 123, go down 5 lines and include the next 3 lines on your blog. I have a big wicker basket of "to be read" , my current bedtime reading and a few favourites hanging around to dip into. This is an old favourite from 20 years ago when he started the project - "The Floral Birthday Book" by Bernard Carter. Each day of the year has a birthday flower, painted in water colours by Bernard, what the flower symbolises, and a poem.

Page 123 is for November 10th, a bay leaf for Faithfulness and the poem continues

Ah! You will - I know not when -
I shall nurse my love, and keep it
Faithfully for you till then.

by Adelaide Proctor.

My birthday flower is Clematis - Poverty - and Bernard very kindly included a bumble bee in the illustration just for me as he knew I loved them.

Thank you Kate for the interesting meme. Like you, I'll not tag anyone but throw it open to anyone who wants to join in on their blog.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

It seems that March is still March even in your neck of the woods. We had some lovely days but some wintry showers as well.

The Floral Birthday Book sounds lovely.

Purrrrrrrs from the Bliss team for Yin and Yang!

Cheryl said...

I would put up with the north wind, just to smell the jasmine.

Sue Swift said...

Wow - with everything that you have in bloom it seems impossible you still need an electric blanket. But here too the temperature dropped form 22°C last weekend to about 5° this. So I haven't put my hot water bottle away yet either!

kate smudges said...

That was a fun meme. What a cool book - I'd love to read that!