Sunday, February 24, 2008


We've planted this where we can enjoy it when we sit under the long pergola.
Look - our first ever bulbs, already going over as it's far too warm for them. The miniature tulip is purply-black and it looks as if four more are coming up in the bed near the double gates.
I love this succulent plant and must find out its name - anyone know? Last month there was the first-ever legal Boot Sale in our town and there were lots of unusual plants on sale. Rain and wind prevented another Sale today otherwise I could have asked the seller. She told me to break off bits and stick 'em in soil and they would grow easily.
Last week we had a day out in beautiful Seville and I'll try to refresh my memory on the slide show and post that. ....


Julie said...

Hi. I think your mystery succulent could be Kalanchoe uniflora, native to Madagascar, is known as "Winter Bells" or "Coral Bells". This plant has a cascading or trailing habit, which makes it an excellent subject for hanging baskets. Small fleshy obovate leaves on pendant stems, with profuse coral bell-shaped flowers during the dark winter months. Can be pruned occasionally to keep compact shape and to add density. Cuts can be readily rooted to create more plants. Porous soil with adequate drainage. Filtered, bright light and ample airflow. Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Protect from frost.

If it is not this variety, exactly, it is definately a Kalenchoe of some sort!

ladyluz said...

Hi Julie and many thanks. I checked this out with Dave's Garden and yes, you are right. I've never had any success with the regular kalanchoes - overwatering I guess.

I popped over to your blog - what a lot of interesting information. Loved what you'd done in your mum's garden.

Cheryl said...

Love the black tulip....not a great lover of tulips but that one I like.
I have seen your mystery plant before but like you I do not know its name.
Like the fun slide show.

Anonymous said...

Dear laddyluz, yes it is Kalachoe Uniflora, I had bought one of this marvelous plants 08th of March this year in Pordenone Flower Fair, this one is pendant Kalanchoe, and there I was suggested when the flowers become dry to cut the flower will flowered once more, and once more during the whole summer, in winter is necessary to put the plant inside, may be not in Cadiz, but by me in Peroj, the little villagge in south Istria, Croatia and situated in front on the national park Islands Brijuni, I will do it, for any insurance of non frosing the plant. not need a much water, placed it in semi shadow. Nobody like, neither the plants a hot burning summer sun. Greetings from Villa Loredana Peroj.