Sunday, July 01, 2007


I "lost" two days last week and posted my poem too early. Here's what blooming today, when I can get this slide show to work! With temperatures at 30+C, and climbing, many plants are getting ready to hibernate for a couple of months. As soon as the rains come - around October - everything will be like Spring again.


Green thumb said...

Hi dear ladyluz! Refreshing blooms you have. 30+C! we are running tempratures of 40+C here in northern India, although there has been some relief with the onset of monsoon rains.
The poem is so true and touching. Gardening is one of the most satisfying hobbies as all stages of life are seen and experienced. There is a solace to be found among the riot of colors which, for some divine moments, dilute the stress and anxiety of our daily existence.

ladyluz said...

Hi Green Thumb. Oooo, 40+, oooo! We get that in August, if we're unlucky and it's like sitting in a sauna.

Keep cool.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Dear Ladyluz,

How lovely everything looks. It is so wonderful to have so many flowers in the garden now, isn't it? Love that slide show, you're really getting the hang of it!

30 + degrees C eh? Not too bad.;-) We have to make do with half of that. This is the second week of Autumn we're having with temperatures around 15 - 16 C. Not good! Lots of wind and rain too at the moment. Brrrr, where are my woolies? ;-)

Pura said...

Hello Ladyluz, you've got a lovely garden.
Un saludo ;)