Friday, July 13, 2007


Here are a couple of aspects of the bamboo pot, with a black urn on top. D is just finishing off the paved area to put a bench on, as there's some shade there from a p
ear tree behind.

There's a whole hotch potc
h of shrubs and trees in this area - cypress, pampas grass, a false pepper tree and clumps of osteospurmum. I have a lovely pittisporum to go in later in the year behind the bench....just have to nurse it along in a big pot during the hot summer.

This will be the last big pot to be done - we almost gave ourselves hernias carrying this from the workshop!

D is already planning another project - to put a double wall on the edge of the path behind the palm tree, fill it with plants and have Mexican jugs dotted along the wall. We already have the jugs,
bought in a moment of mad spending at one of our favourite shops, Casa del Mimbre. Here they are:

It's really too hot to be starting any building work now - this will be shelved until Autumn, when the ground is less like concrete.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

I wish I could take a walk in your garden. It looks lovely!!!! Those pots are simply marvelous, I see green with envy. ;-)

Nicole said...

Very lovely pot,and enticing garden walk, too! I know about the summer heat, here I can now only work in the garden before 8 am or after 6pm.

Anonymous said...

I always love to stop by and visit your garden and see your wonderful art work.

Green thumb said...

Beautiful pots, and so aesthetically done. You have an enviable talent dear Ladyluz. Would love to see the look when the project idea is implemented.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hello again. You've won an award, read all about it on Bliss. Congratulations!

ladyluz said...

My oh my..I've been battling for a few days trying to leave comments and accessing blogger and discovered it's all to do with my cookies. All's well now.

Thankyou gals for all your lovely comments.

And, Yolanda, thanks for the tag (I think!) I will now put my thinking cap on.