Sunday, April 08, 2007

REMEMBER THE BABY AVOCADO: how about this....? It's still growing indoors on a sunny window and will be introduced to the garden gradually.


أُكتب بالرصاص said...

so nice home

and photo also

ladyluz said...

Thanks for your visit - would love to be able to read your name and blog, but very little Arabic, alas.

Try in French, maybe I'll understand.

Green thumb said...

The Avocado seems to be loving your indoors.
Also like the daisy and the lavender in its background.
Interesting first comment you have on this post!!!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

That avocado is looking more and more like a real plant. When are you going to put it in the garden and will you be able to grow your own avocados then? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Angie said...

I am curious as to how long it took to sprout? I have 2 I am trying and trying and trying to get to grow for a long time, maybe 2 months. They just sit. No growth, no rotting or anything even. Just sitting suspended in water...Is there a trick to it?

ladyluz said...

Hi Angie and Yolanda. Quite by chance, I was looking at a website about avocados just before seeing your comments. Here is the link:

Angie. The picture of how to root it is exactly how I did mine. I put it in a dark warm cupboard (and I think that is important) and it was there 3 or 4 months before I noticed the roots! I had forgotten about it to tell you the truth.

We are in Zone 9/10 so the comments about not being able to plant it out may not apply. But it seems to suggest that no fruit can be expected for several years. I think I shall keep potting it on until it's larger. I'll read up a bit more.

Angie said...

Ladyluz, Thank you for the information. I don't have either of mine in direct sunlight, but will try moving them to various locations and just keep on waiting. Thank you for the link too, it was very informative! I will check back with you to see the progress on yours.

Verena said...

Hi Ladyluz,
fantastic what nature always can do!
I love your new pergola, it looks very homely and invites to sit there many hours.
Greetings, Verena

Gotta Garden said...

Growing your own avocados would be so yum! I hope it succeeds so we can all be green (ha) with envy!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos of your avacado seed here.
There is something very special about sprouting those on our window sills.