Friday, April 06, 2007


Everything is finished in this new pergola - climbers planted, gate fixed, comfy chairs and table AND the vine is on the move. It goes a mile a minute so we have to examine it regularly and train it in the direction we want.

Everything is a mass of green when I look down the garden. The last two trees to blossom are the pears. Tiny nectarines and baby black figs have appeared and for the first time ever we have masses of blossom on a miniature apple tree.

What a lovely time and place to be....


Yolanda Elizabet said...

That looks lovely. It will provide you with lots of shade once the plants have grown.

Today it was 18 degrees C over here, not bad. For the weekend they predict around 20 both in Holland and the UK.

Have a lovely Easter!

ladyluz said...

I'm so very pleased that we are not hogging all the sun! In fact, northern Europe is warmer than some parts of Spain at the moment.

NatureGirl - commiserations that your snow is back, brrrr.