Friday, December 08, 2006

I don't know the name of this lovely trailing or ground cover plant. I have it in pink and mauve and it just keeps expanding.

When we bought this Bird of Paradise plant 2 years ago, it was flowering. Since then, nada....there are now two thin, hard new shoots - may be two flowers.

This asparagus fern is very pot bound but I think they like it that way. I have never seen berries on them before.
We've had rain, rain and more rain and I'm glad we've got two depositos connected up behind the green shed to collect it. The big job to come is fixing up the guttering round the house.
It will soon be time to get the log fires going - we have a pile of olive and eucalyptus all ready. Concrete houses get so cold in the short winters that sometimes it's warmer to be outside when the sun is out. One Christmas we had brunch outside on the butterfly table.

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