Saturday, November 18, 2006

There were two dead plum trees with strangely-shaped trunks when we first bought this place that we saved them for an unknown project. We drank our way through a few cartons of an Arcos de la Frontera wine in the beautiful blue bottle and that's how this little bit of whimsy sculpture was born! We added different coloured bottles and, thinking that Blue Sapphire gin had a pale blue bottle, we bought that (just for the bottle, you understand!).

We have a few dozen more bottles and hope to create a bottle wall some time, which will catch the setting sun.

Here is the maestro at work on another pot. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I love your bottle art.
Let me know when you begin your bottle wall, i'd love to see it come along.
Do you know how to make a bottle house?? I sure have enough wine bottles to make a few! I'd like to make a small one, sort or like a shrine.
(shrine to the wine gods)

ladyluz said...

I love yours too on your blog. When I lived in Cornwall, the previous owner had built a granite summer house to exhibit their pottery. One wall was totally of cut-off, different-coloured wine bottles cemented into it. So effective when the evening sun shone through.

How do you make a bottle house?