Saturday, November 18, 2006

I came across the top picture accidentally, just after I'd take the current one below. Just the sort of thing to encourage us at a time when we feel there's no energy left to do more.

The pebble path , new centrepiece with plants and pots give us a lovely view when we sit under the pergola for a merienda.

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Naturegirl said...

Lovely the change ..and yes amazing when we look back at the before.Good job!
I come in from Canada and we are into grey skies and leaves that have fallen from the trees.However I still see the beauty come see.

ladyluz said...

Thankyou NG and I have been to see your stunning photos of berries and leaves....just blew me away, such vibrant colours.

Would love to add links to others' blogs but just cannot seem to grasp it!

dazzle said...

Ladyluz, I love to read the updates. The photo's are so enticing especially when I'm sitting in grey old England!!! Keep posting please!