Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 3rd. Disappearing under melons and courgettes.....

Years of untilled ground meant we couldn't do a thing about veg until we'd got a plough in and we had to wait for that until he was less busy. So no potatoes this Spring....we'll have to wait until August.

But wait - here is what we do have and it was completely unplanned: tomatoes, 3 types; onions; aubergine; courgettes; melons, 3 types; strawberries; runner beans; sweetcorn. What a learning curve. Following our Spanish neighbour's instructions, these veg have become like newborn babies! We'd had lots of rain just before the seedlings went in, so we had orders not to water for 2 weeks. From there on the instructions became very complicated, so much so, I had to write a list.
Once flowers appeared on the veg, it was gung-ho to water, then feed, then prick out. I got very little else done.

We are now eating courgettes and have had to get creative (try courgette, onion, potato soup, pureed and Roquefort cheese added at the end, mmm). Beans also ready to pick and the nectarines, apricots and plums are scrumptious too. We lost many to the Levante last week, but still plenty left. I'll have to get the brandy or rum syrup under way to enjoy them later in the year.

Meanwhile, the pergola and brick path surround was getting built, all by hand and we can now enjoy a g. & t. out there and we'll have the first lunch for our neighbours soon.

If anyone reads this and can p.m. me about why my pics won't appear later on in the text I'll be happy.

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MamaDuck said...

Yup. Here again. Neem oil - I've heard of that. Will find out more.

This is wonderful! So clear and orderly - and your first glut.......ahhhhhh!