Tuesday, March 14, 2006


January and February were cold and wet, interspersed with good sunny days. Rainfall was considerable so were unable to try out the new rotivator until beginning March. The land had been so neglected though that we needed a plough. That has been and gone and there are two rotivators going like the clappers as I type.

Fresh vegetables are cheap and plentiful in this area but it's nice to pick/dig your own. So a small veg garden will be on its way soon, if it's not too late to shove seed potatoes and onion sets in. Later, the salad stuff and melons can be planted.

Meanwhile, we also busy creating a new sitting area, with trellising, paths and, soon, a pergola for the newly-planted vines to climb over. This will be our last major project because we want some time for other things.

PS It's May now and I'm just posting this, to be followed up by what's happened in the garden in the last 3 months, with pics. Trouble is, I just can't get my head round doing this in a competent way. I know I'm not thick (?!) and don't find this programme very intuitive. Here goes again and hope I don't lose the work......

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