Friday, August 15, 2014

Days are shortening.

Before today, I could have sworn Autumn was setting in early.   We've had very weird weather for July and early August - cool westerly breezes,  temperatures under 30C and sometimes quite nippy evenings with condensation on the car in the morning.  Now, hey presto, the Levante is back and with it more typical August weather.....beached whale,  reading on the bed - get the picture.

Nearly 3 months down the line and el jefe's back is much improved yet not back to normal.   Weekly physio, massage, TENs and daily exercises have ensured a steady gain in independence to the point where I gently (as if) remind him not to lift anything nor do too much.

Paco and Manolo came and spent 5 hours cleaning up and restoring order in the garden - what treasures those two are.   My Spanish has improved no end with the need to communicate with Paco and the masoterapia clinic where el jefe goes every week.  

Ill health earlier in the year and el jefe's injury have been a wake-up call about waning strength and aging and we definitely need to take more regular, structured exercise to keep us supple. 


Hattie said...

You are so lucky to get the kind of help you need! We are at the point where we really need more help with the yard, especially after the storm-caused damage from tropical storm Isell, but my husband insists on doing the cleanup himself. I can only do light yard work, because I have a heart condition and can't do heavy work any more.
Would El Jefe do yoga? It is so good for me, but I can't talk my husband into it.

Wisewebwoman said...

thanks for the reminder Pamela, I do a lot of walking/jogging but need to pay attention to stretching/muscle maintenance in other parts of my body (of which there are many, LOL)


LadyLuz said...

WWW and Hattie

Thanks for your responses. Yoga, definitely worth serious consideration before it's too late. We have several practitioner/teachers here (English and Spanish) and I will investigate.

I used to do tai chi, which I loved, and when I resumed it here some years ago my legs and hip joints wouldn't behave.

Hattie said...

If you have a yoga teacher who is well trained, as mine is, it is the best thing for the body. It's important to look at credentials and to make sure your teacher is intelligent and sensitive.