Monday, October 07, 2013


We got the seeds from an orchid tree on the banks of the River Iro in our home town and have nurtured this spindly thing for at least two years.   A while ago we gave one burdgeoning tree to a friend.  She planted it out in her drive, s.e. facing wall, very poor soil and below is the result.     El jefe has protected ours against winter's westerly chilly winds  with a mesh-clad cylinder.   It's against a morning glory-clad fence.  

 We hope it will eventually do as well as the one we gave away.


Hattie said...

Plants sure can be temperamental sometimes.I have a fig that did nothing for years and for some reason I will never understand began to thrive and is very prolific.

LadyLuz said...

That's so true, Hattie. Our fig was in the ground for 8 years before it fruited. Just one or two black ones to begin with and now it gives more than we can eat. The birds have a great feast.

Hattie said...

One year I covered the tree with netting, but now I just go out and pick the figs before they are fully ripe. They aren't quite as sweet that way, but at least I get them and not the birds!