Sunday, September 08, 2013

September colour splash

Ignoring the weed-infested gravel (must get around to it) I sat on the patio this morning drinking in the splashes of colour.   Yang too sits alongside me, seemingly in admiration.   The tacomaria (Cape honeysuckle) has never been so prolific and for the first time, a type of jasmine has produced heavenly-scented flowers.  

There's such a haphazard mixture along this trellis - orange tacomaria, cream and pink bignonia, cream jasmine, orange black-eyes Susans and finally,, a self-seeded,  additional clump of plumbago.   No planning has gone into this:  it's been a case of "stick it in and see what happens".  

It's officially Autumn, but we are having a second Spring.


Hattie said...

I've never been in Spain this time of the year.
I'm glad you are enjoying your garden! Your weeds are hardly visible. MY weeds, however, living as I do in the tropical rainforest, are to be reckoned with.

Ela from Poland said...

What a beautiful garden and lovely flowers :)