Monday, July 01, 2013

Levante wind - again

We are all worn out by it - humans, plants and animals.    It's been raging for 7 or 8 days sucking the moisture out of everyone/everywhere/everything.   This hot wind from Africa drives people crazy.   True or not, the story goes that the highest suicide rate in Spain is in Tarifa, opposite the N. African coast, where wind and kite surfers spend weeks perfecting their sport.  

Yin and Yang's behaviour is all over the show, awnings have been ripped off the pergola, the lovely bamboo has been stripped of all its leaves and one of the ngao trees has split and the trunk hanging down.   We had to tackle that yesterday with an electric saw. 

Since lunch, the wind has dropped and I see the temperature in the shade is 35C but it's heavenly not to feel as if I'm in the path of a hair dryer.    BBQs and parties that have been put on hold because of the weather will be held in the Levante-free window on Wednesday/Thursday and we will enjoy meeting up with friends who are here at their holiday home for a couple of weeks.  


Hattie said...

Hope this gets through. My last comment disappeared. I know about the mistral, and the Föhn. The latter brings sand from the Sahara all the way over the Alps to Switzerland.

Judy K Lee said...

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